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Juniors Pricing

A Green dot ball class for kids who are starting to develop the four parts of their game, introducing the mental, the physical, the tactical, and advanced technical areas of player development. Introducing and encouraging the participation of tournament play. 

Ages 8 - 10

Monday – Thursday

10:00AM - 11:30AM

Drop-in Rate $40

(as low as $29 with $B)

Download SUMMER 2023
brochure here  >

SAVE with

$ports Bucks*

$200 = 210 $B  5% Bonus

$500= 550 $B 10% Bonus

$700 = 805 $B 15% Bonus

$1,000= 1,200 $B  20% Bonus

$1,600= 2,000 $B 25% Bonus

$2,500= 3,500 $B 40% Bonus

Instead of "Package Pricing" at Eastside, now you can purchase $PORTS BUCKS and use them for court time, lessons, drinks balls, mixers, special events, etc...and they will never expire! 

*MUST BE A MEMBER TO PURCHASE, membership fee cannot be purchased with $PORTS BUCKS,

and must have a zero balance to be eligible

for purchase.

Not redeemable for cash or refund.

Juniors Brochure
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