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Alley Cats

Juniors Pricing

A red/orange ball class and a great starting point for kids, focusing on fun and hand eye coordination. The red/ orange ball is a lower compression ball that allows kids to develop successful strokes and have fun in the process.


These classes focus on critical stroke development and footwork.

Ages 4 - 7

Monday & Wednesday

4:00PM - 5:00PM

Drop-in Rate $30


All participants must register in advance to set up matches, all ages are welcome.  (OPEN LEVEL) 4:00PM - 6:00PM 

Drop in rate of $25

Here is Coach Jill working on a shadow drill with the kids.

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SAVE with

$ports Bucks*

$200 = 210 $B  5% Savings

$500= 550 $B 10% Savings

$700 = 805 $B 15% Savings

$1,000= 1,200 $B  20% Savings

$1,600= 2,000 $B 25% Savings

Instead of "Package Pricing" at Eastside, now you can purchase $PORTS BUCKS and use them for court time, lessons, drinks balls, mixers, special events, etc...and they will never expire! 

*MUST BE A MEMBER TO PURCHASE, membership fee cannot be purchased with $PORTS BUCKS,

and must have a zero balance to be eligible

for purchase.

Not redeemable for cash or refund.

Juniors Brochure
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