Randy Stebbins

NASM, Personal Training Director

As a personal trainer, Randy provides a proven integrated approach to a healthy lifestyle.  He believes that exercise not only enables and energizes the body but also stimulates the brain.  It’s not just about walking on a treadmill, using a resistance machine or two or lifting weights anymore.  Today’s training is referred to as functional training.  It is goal oriented, incorporates multiple muscle groups working in unison, and includes the core, balance, joint stability, flexibility, and strength.  We use a wide variety of equipment with an emphasis on proper form.  We draw on a variety of disciplines such as yoga, pilates, bodybuilding, weightlifting, physical therapy and various athletic aerobic activities.  The result is that the body becomes fitter faster.  With a lifetime of experience, Randy has been able to train a wide variety of clients including young athletes to mature adults.  His workouts draw on his experiences as a body builder, marathoner, Army paratrooper, multi-sport athlete and certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  Randy is still an active competitive softball player and understands the value of proper training.  He was also a coach and manager of several youth sports teams in Grosse Pointe for over 12 years and was the past president of the Eastern Suburban Football League.  His workouts are programmed specifically for each client with an emphasis on variety with a little bit of fun mixed in.  Whether you desire to lose weight, enhance athletic performance, improve your everyday life or just build strength, Randy is the catalyst who helps you reach your goals.